Hi everybody

I've already been in Thailand for almost 1 month

so busy busy

Before back to Thailand,

I had chance to meet and stay with my lovely friend-Jae Eun- for one week

I had very good time in Korea

In Thailand

First week, I was busy with my brother ceremony

Second week, I went to Rayong with my old friends

Rayong is a very beautiful beach

It was very sunny there

--dont believe the forecast..forecast said that is gonna be rain--

Hope you guys can go someday

This is the third week in Thailand for me

I just have time to up date my blog

Sorry I haven't have chance to post my pictures

in LA that I've already promise

because the network in Thailand is very poor

I will post my pictures as soon as I go back to USA

Have so many picture to show you

See you guys later




hey Digi
will you com CM?
you can call me if you come na
hope to see you online someday so, i can talk to you

#3 by xawarzd ( At 2006-07-19 22:10,
I will wait for your pictures~!
#2 by Echizen Ryoma At 2006-07-19 17:39,
-3- umm im in thailand also
how long u'll stay here??

well u comeback here but u still seemed busy though..^^"

i always waiting for weekend to chillin w/ my friends but mon-friday i have to stay boring home... cuz school opened all of my friends are busy -3-
#1 by Cafe! no more Digi.. :( At 2006-07-19 08:08,